DataClassroom was founded by Aaron Reedy to help K-12 schools and teachers teach data science and analytical skills to kids in grades 6-12. DataClassroom is a cutting edge software platform that is specifically designed to be used by kids to explore data. National product testing launches summer 2018. DataClassroom is supported by the Jefferson Scholars Foundationi.Lab at UVA and the NSF Innovation Corps.


Evolution Education

Evolution Education was cofounded by Aaron Reedy and Dr. Robert Cox at the University of Virginia to advocate for real collaborations between scientists and teachers to develop new, inquiry-based models for education in the middle- and high-school science classroom. 


Teacher Fellowship Program

Evolution Education Teacher Fellows collaborate with the Cox Lab at UVA on field research, attend scientific conferences, and design innovative curricula for their classrooms. In year two of their fellowship, teachers attend an experimental design workshop at the Mountain Lake Biological Station where they design a novel experiment to be conducted in their classroom with the help of their students. These projects allow teachers to develop their capacity as teacher scientists and increase their ability to guide students through authentic research. All fellow projects are designed to make a novel contribution to science. 


Teacher Workshop at Mountain Lake Biological Station

Evolution Education runs a teacher workshop at UVA's Mountain Lake Biological Station in Pembroke, VA. Teachers learn about evolutionary field research at the station, discuss exciting discoveries in evolutionary biology and how to communicate these discoveries in the classroom, and leave with new ideas for hands-on activities in the middle and high school classroom. In addition to focusing on evolution content, this workshop also works to develop strategies for teachers to bring life into their classroom through teaching biology with living organisms.